Facebook for Business Certification

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Facebook for Business Certification

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, but it isn’t just about socialising. You can use Facebook in a variety of ways, and, in this course, you will learn how to utilise Facebook for business.

In this course, we will show you how to set up your own brand page and give you handy hints on how the system works. We will also explore ways to increase your traffic, to grow your followers and keep those who have ‘liked’ your brand interested.

Creating a brand page has numerous benefits: it enables customers to speak with you on a new platform; it allows you to grow your audience and reach new people; it makes it easier for customers to share your brand and is a great way for you to connect with similar companies or groups.

You will Learn:

    • What Facebook is and how you can use it, to promote your brand through a brand page;
    • How to set up and effectively run your brand page;
    • Find out what the Administration Panel comprises and how these different sections are useful to you;
    • How to set up a brand username for your page;
    • How to gain followers and use advertising, to increase traffic.

Benefits of Taking this Course

    • You will learn how to start up your own brand page on Facebook;
    • You will discover hints on how to get the most from your brand page;
    • You will learn how to grow your page and increase traffic, so that your brand succeeds as a whole;
    • Setting up a brand page on Facebook will grow your brand in a variety of ways, reaching beyond the confines of social media.

Module 1:

An Introduction to Facebook and Setting up a Facebook Brand Page

Module 2:

Administering and Adding Content to your Facebook Brand Page

Module 3:

Custom Applications

Module 4:

Getting People to your Brand Page

Module 5:

Facebook Advertising and Getting Website Traffic from Facebook
There are no entry requirements to take the course.
The course is broken down into 5 individual modules. Each module takes between 20 and 90 minutes on average to study. Although students are free to spend as much or as little time as they feel necessary on each module.
The course can be studied study at any time and from any internet-connected device
Once you have completed all 5 modules there is a multiple-choice test. The questions will be on a range of topics found within the 5 modules. The test, like the course, is online and can be taken a time and location of your choosing.
The pass mark for the test is 70%.
If the user doesn’t pass the test the first time they will get further opportunities to take the test again after extra study. There are no limits to the number of times a test can be taken.
We estimate that the course will take about 3 hours to complete in total, plus an additional 30 minutes for the end of course test.
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Enrolled: 34 students
Duration: 3 hours
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Level: Advanced


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Facebook for Business Certification
4 out of 5
6 reviews